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The long awaited match up between the UFC Welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre versus Former Strikeforce Welterweight Champ Nick Diaz at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. The clean cut Canadian Champ versus the Stockton Bad Boy this fight could not be scripted any better and easier to sell. These two warriors were originally slated to meet last year until Diazism reared it’s ugly head yet again and according to “The Baldfather” he has come close to being pulled from the UFC 158 main event.

GSP firstly will be looking to put a beating on Nick there is a lot of animosity between them and for good reason. The question in my mind is will GSP come in too hard fight with emotions and make a mistake that Diaz can capitalize on. I doubt that so I’m thinking he will have a solid Firaz Zahabi Tristar game plan and follow through. Honestly I would like to see GSP finish Diaz but that is going to be easier said than done, but what better way to shut up his critics. (more…)

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This is a solid card and a great way to start the year off kinda reminds me of the
card in Seattle UFC on Fox: Henderson vs. Diaz, good solid fights exactly what us UFC fans deserve.
And we start with a exciting match up for the Flyweight title:



Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson(16-2-1) vs John “The Magician” Dodson(14-5)

Okay don’t blink or look away these two are no doubt the fastest two fighters in the UFC and it’s for the Flyweight title.

Demetrious Johnson is super quick with excellent footwork great take downs and his ability to move in and out and hit his opponent is what won him his last fight and the title against Joseph Benevidez.                   First title defence and he enters as the favorite, but against a dangerous opponent with potentially the skills to foil Mighty Mouse’s plans to keep a hold of the gold.


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Back to Brazil we go for the first UFC card of the year and what better place to start 99ooff 2013 than beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil.




With the Main card featuring:

Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort 


Michael “The Count” Bisping.

The card as a whole has a lot to be
desired but then again it’s a freebie so beggars can’t be choosers I guess.
Lets take a look at some of the fight’s.

VITOR “The Phenom” BELFORT (21-10-0) vs MICHAEL BISPING (23-4-0)

Vitor is going back down to Middleweight after coming up short against Jon Jones last
year. I think this match up is a bit closer the size and reach are pretty closely matched with the power going to Belfort and the endurance advantage going to Bisping.
Although getting up there in age he still has the tools in my mind to compete for
another couple of years and be entertaining. I doubt he will be eyeing another title run, but he can still be a respectable fighter in the division with maybe a rematch with Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva before retirement for both.
I expect him to come with the heavy speedy hands and ground and pound
for a finish or maybe a submission.

Then we have the challenger Michael “The Count” Bisping who has been talking up a storm trying to get next crack at Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Dana White has said if he beats Belfort he will get his wish granted, I myself find that match up very unappealing and would not want to see it, but an argument for another day!!! For his sake I hope he is not overlooking “The Phenom” though he still has the power to end someones night prematurely. His advantage in my mind would be to use his great boxing and footwork and take Vitor into the later rounds where the gas tank will be in his advantage.

Although he has good stand up technique/boxing and improved wrestling and has put
together a string of wins seems to lack the power to finish opponents. Nonetheless he
has earned his place at the top of the division with good striking and great

Belfort has not had two consecutive losses since 2005 with this record the ability to
KO someone with those lethal hands my pick would have to be “The Phenom”.

I say give the winner of this fight Hector Lombard. I mean Bisping and Hector seem to
have a bit of a fued and could be a big draw and Vitor could be a big test for

To me even if Bisping win’s this one I don’t really have much of a desire for the
Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping mismatch let me know what your opinion is on that

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UFC ON FOX 5 – HENDERSON VS. DIAZ – Back in the Emerald City

UFC ON FOX 5 – HENDERSON VS. DIAZ – Back in the Emerald City!!!!




Firstly I’d like to thank the UFC for putting together such a stacked card very impressive indeed seeing that 2012 has had it’s share of up’s and we are ending with a banger. I’ll be lucky enough to see this one live thanks to my cousin Josh who snagged us up some tickets early. Thanks bud!!! Anyways I’m so pumped for this great card and as I do favor some of the fighters I can not definitively give picks these fights are extremely close. But you never know whats gonna happen in the octagon as we all know. Let’s have a closer look at the main bout’s shall we…

 Ben “Smooth” Henderson (17-2) vs Nate Diaz (16-7)

For me this one could easily be fight of the night maybe even fight of the year…. Ben has a lot to prove after two close controversial decisions with Frankie Edgar. He can shut up the critics with a convincing victory over the game Nate Diaz, which will be no easy task. Look for Bendo to keep Nate at a distance with his dynamic wide variety of kicks  which will help him to avoid the non-stop aggressive Diaz boxing style. Keeping Nate at a distance and hurting him in turn affecting his move forward aggressive style will be the key factor to a W for Henderson. When and if he’s in trouble I see him trying to take Diaz down for some ground and pound. With Nate’s jiu-jitsu he need’s to be careful when the fight goes to the mat but they don’t call him Bendo for nothing, he’s extremely hard to submit. I’m expecting Ben Henderson to use his dynamic athleticism and great wrestling to out muscle Diaz. (more…)

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UFC 154 Welterweight Unification – GSP vs Condit

Georges “Rush” St. Pierre (22-2)  vs.  Carlos “Natural Born Killer” Condit (28-5)

The return of Georges St. Pierre where he’ll be facing Carlos Condit for the unification bout for the Welterweight belts.

UFC 154 Condit vs St. Pierre

UFC 154 Condit vs St. Pierre

I’d like to say there hasn’t been much trash talking between the two fighter’s preceding this event both have shown respect for each other. I find that very refreshing especially as of late, with all the useless fight’s being put on just on people talking trash. Both of these warriors deserve to be fighting one another and probably knew they would eventually face each other sometime in their career’s.To me this is as good as it get’s in the welterweight division the cream of the crop two best fighter’s about to do battle on Saturday at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. It would be a huge understatement to say I’m pumped for this fight more than any other in 2012!!!

GSP has Promised to come back stronger than ever, the only thing is “The Natural Born Killer” is in his way. I believe this to be George’s biggest threat to date a man with technical striking and the power to put anyone in the division to sleep. Georges is coming off a Major knee surgery with a year plus layoff believe me I know I’ve had the same surgery coming close to a year, so I know how hard the road back is!

Muay Thai will be a big part of Condit’s striking in this match so Georges in addition to training with Phil Nurse his Muay Thai trainer has added two trainers from Thailand’s Tiger Muay Thai. Trainer Greg Jackson will not corner either fighter who has worked with both fighter’s but has spent a lot more time with Carlos Condit. GSP must keep moving forward keep Carlos get his back and not give him the space he needs to use his technical striking. Cardio will not be a factor in this fight as both combatant’s have great cardio and are in top shape.

I believe GSP will be able to dominate Condit on the ground but he’s gotta be wary of his striking and submission game while executing those take downs or catching a knee going in that could end this before it begins. George’s should watch Condit’s knees and when he does try to throw them look to catch it and look for the take down with possible ground and pound. GSP definitely has the strength advantage and should look to out muscle the lanky Condit and look to overpower and control him negating any threat of his striking.

Condit being a Natural Born Finisher, I’m curious to see what the Jackson’s MMA pupil’s game plan is against GSP?
With his Aggression and unorthodox striking he is a danger for any Welterweight just ask Nick Diaz he played it smart and picked him apart with striking and not choosing to make it a brawl.

How will he avoid the take down of GSP will he be looking to attack quick with Muay Thai striking looking to finish early.
It’s Hard to say what kind of game plan they are coming in with but I believe they will be ready for hard fight. Condit has great technique great KO power, if anyone can dethrone the champ I believe it is “The Natural Born Killer”.
He’s dangerous moving back and his ground and pound is legendary especially when he’s coming down with those elbows.

I mean we don’t want to see a boring fight and I believe GSP needs to get a finish in this fight to shut up his doubter’s.
Being a huge GSP fan I cannot bet against him but I know this is his hardest test to date Carlos Condit will not be a stepping stone for George’s, but a very satisfying win in his hometown for Montreal’s favorite son and all his fan’s.

And so the Rumor is Anderson will step in to challenge GSP for the superfight everyone one wanted to see a year ago.

Forget this so-called superfight if George get’s through Condit or even if he doesn’t bring on Nick Diaz or the winner of Kampmann/Hendricks for the winner of this one.

Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks(13-1) vs. Martin “Hitman” Kampmann(20-5)

Martin Kampman has always impressed me and especially as of late coming back to win against Thiago Alves and Jake Ellenberger, when in deep trouble. The Dane has been outlasting top-notch opponents showing his great striking ability and submission game and the never give up spirit.

Hendricks himself has been on a tear though the division dismantling the likes of Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Mike Pierce and T.J. Waldbuger.He has the wrestling and power advantage in this fight and can end “The Hitman’s” night with one strategically placed blow.

The better rounded fighter in my opinion in Kampmann but Hendricks has the Knockout power and the wrestling pedigree to make this a hard grueling battle. These two know each other well have trained together in the past helping each other on their weaknesses which are their individual strengths. This makes for a very interesting match with each combatant being very different in their fight style.

I’m picking Kampmann for the win in this confrontation but I expect a really tough fight and am leaning towards “Hitman” in this one by submission.

Possible contender for the Welterweight title if he win’s this one!!!!!

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This Saturday the UFC makes its way to China for the first time, there isn’t much talent on the card from China but the UFC is trying to broaden their market. I’m sure they will start producing MMA fighter’s especially with the huge population and deep roots in Martial Arts. Damn too bad Bruce wasn’t around to see this a Mixed Martial Art’s event in his homeland he would have been a great ambassador for the sport! For our Main event we have Former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Cung Le taking on the former UFC middleweight champion Rich “Ace” Franklin.

Rich “Ace” Franklin vs. Cung Le

Firstly Cung has obviously been working on his conditioning a big difference from his fight with Wanderlei Silva but he was fighting “The Axe Murderer” in his last showing he paced himself better against Patrick Cote. But I do believe he has worked on that weakness in his game which he definitely should against a game veteran like Rich Franklin who will have no problem going the full five rounds. One question I have is did Cung have proper training for “Ace” with his travelling and grueling travel schedule with “The Man with the Iron Fist” shooting schedule and promotion of the movie. This to me will be a big factor in this fight and the foot injury might impede some of his kicking prowess also both legitimate things to consider. Franklin will choose to close the distance from the start and look to clinch and take Cung down he obviously will lose in the kicking department and has studied the Sanshou practitioner’s highlight reel. Look for Franklin to shoot for a takedown use his wrestling and ground and pound to finish in the later rounds I don’t think Cung Le will be able to keep up with Franklin’s pace or match his strength. The question I ask myself is with Le’s dynamic kicking and striking will he be able to keep up that pace in the later rounds. His best chance stands to be to take out Ace in the early rounds probably round 1 or 2. And the opposite for Ace wait out the kick’s and strikes being careful and not giving Cung space to inflict damage and when you see an opening go for the take down and possibly finish there. I’m going with Rich “Ace” Franklin for this fight my prediction is he will outlast Cung Le finish him in the later rounds thus sending “The Bronze Lion” into possible retirement and into a great career in Films.

Thiago Silva vs. Stanislav Nedkov

In this one I would like to see Thiago push the pace a bit he’s looked sluggish as of late and is at his best when he’s throwing bombs and looking to finish guys. I just think he’s gotta go in for the kill early, unless he’s been really working on his cardio he seem’s to tire prematurely. As for the Bulgarian undefeated prospect he liked to push the pace rush in with looping punches which are easy to get inside on and counter so he should be careful. His last fight was over a year ago against Luiz Cane where he took some shots but fired right back stopping the fight early in the first round. Yes I know he’s undefeated but until you’ve proven yourself in the UFC and put some back to back wins together I can’t base too much on the record. This ones a hard one to call as it depend’s a lot on which Thiago shows up but I do believe this one ends in the first round with some serious fireworks. Both guy’s have Knockout power and can finish a fight with one punch! Maybe a possible fight of the night!!!!!! My Pick Thiago Silva

Paulo Thiago vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Both men are coming off quick disappointing losses and will look to rebound quickly with a Win. Kim has a lot to prove in this fight I was quite disappointed in the last fight where he obviously must have suffered some sort of injury early against Maia where he was forced to verbally stop the fight. Paulo Thiago has to come out guns a blazing in this fight, this is when he has really shined and really beat top-tier competition. Thiago is an unorthodox striker with a very solid ground game and has some serious venom in his hands when he connect’s he’s just got to be hungry! Kim has a size and reach advantage and look for him to use that to get close to Thiago and work for a takedown. Both of these two are dangerous and have skills to make for a good fight I’m hoping to see a good mix of striking with some good throws and submission attempts. I’m going with Dong Hyun Kim in this one because I think he has the better conditioning and size/power advantage not to mention being southpaw and the Judo background.

Mac Danzig vs. Takanori Gomi

Let me start by saying The fireball Kid has not had the best of times in the Big Show. Personally I was hoping for greatness on his arrival in the UFC but alas just like most of the talent across the sea they have failed to show any of the fire they produced in other promotions. But Gomi is still a dangerous opponent for any lightweight out there I mean he hasn’t performed like the guy in Pride but he still possesses the power to turn someones light’s out! I am just hoping he is taking his career and training seriously and comes out ready to bang and knockout opponent’s. And his opponent Mac Danzig a tough well-rounded fighter who hasn’t had the best of luck lately, he’s had his up’s and down’s since winning the Ultimate Fighter. On the plus side for Danzig he’s coming off a win against fellow Ultimate fighter champion Efrain Escudero I’m gonna side with Gomi in this one to better Danzig.

With a possible win or even loss I would love to see a Gomi vs Penn Rematch.

Alex “Bruce LeeRoy” Caceres vs. Motonobu Tezuka

Bruce LeeRoy is coming off a great submission victory win over Damacio Page where he looked to be in some trouble early but capitalized with a triangle choke submission. Cacares need to be a bit careful of Tuzuka’s submissions though as he has been submitted in the past, but with his striking long reach he should look to pick apart Tezuka. A veteran of Pancrase Motonobu Tezuka new to the UFC will be looking to definately make a statement he’s really just gotta go for broke he has nothing to lose everything to gain. I’m predicting a submission victory for Alex Caceres in this one.   I hope they put on a good show in China personally and gain a fanbase for MMA like Japan. I can see really no downside to the UFC venturing into new territory, I guarantee that it will bring out some hidden talent from these countries which have a culture rooted in Martial Arts.

PS: There are two new Guest Ring Girl’s for the Macau event!!!!!

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UFC 153 Rumble in Rio de Janeiro!!!!!!!!

This Saturday we have UFC 153

Silva vs Bonner

Well 2012 without saying has been a really really bad year for Dana White and the UFC and this card was not any different for the UFC 153 card in Rio De Jainero, Brazil.
Until one of Brazil’s favourite son’s and UFC middleweight champion Anderson ”The Spider” Silva stepped up to save the card unlike another champ, but we already had that discussion.

Also I give a lot of prop’s to the challenger also contemplating retirement and asking for a matchup with someone who has more twitter followers than him well Spider’s got quite a few “Psycho” about two million, guess you gotta be careful what you ask for huh?

Let’s take a look closer at the main event shall we!!!!


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UFC 152 Aftermath

Jon“Bones”Jones vs Vitor”The Phenom”BelfortUFC 152

The fight turned out to be better than many had predicted Vitor put up a
valiant effort with a near armbar submission in the first round.
Jones let his fighting do the talking and silenced his critics by punching Vitor then going in for some ground and pound using elbows. But the champs size and reach became a big factor in the later rounds with Jones striking at will kicking the legs and usinga keylock to finish the Brazilian. So what’s next for Jones he’s pretty much cleaned out the division does he step up in weight class, or maybe Anderson vs Jones?


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Forget UFC 151 on with UFC 152

Jon”Bones”Jones vs Vitor”The Phenom”Belfort

Okay so we all know of the drama starting from UFC 151 and the original Jon”Bones” Jones vs Dan “Hendo” Henderson main event.

  • Then Jones vs Mauricio Shogun Rua declined.
  • Jones vs Lyoto “Dragon” Machida declined.
  • Next Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen….or didn’t have enough time to prepare for the new opponent!!!
UFC 151 cancelled end of that story and the first ever UFC card cancelled.

Then Vitor “The Phenom”Belfort asked Lorenzo Fertitta actually begged for the opportunity well deserved in my opinion. Vitor has built this sport from it’s early days and was the youngest heavyweight champion ever, and is the more dangerous of opponents for Jon Bones than Chael Sonnen
Vitor has a new camp now with the Blackzilians with Rashad “Suga” Evans as a head coach. Rashad is coming off a loss to Jones and was getting tagged at will in their bout but seems to suggest that he saw some holes in Bones’ game which Vitor will exploit. Vitor’s heart is unquestionable and I really admire his drive to step up against the best there is at the moment at such short notice, asking to step in to fight Jon Jones. Vitor has nothing to lose he loves the fighting game when there were no big paychecks and exposure  when he began the sport was more of an underground Bloodsport.


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The Demise of UFC 151 and Jonny “Bones” Jones

After the news of the cancellation of the whole card tweets starting flowing from fighters and fans alike, Jones not only lost a lot of respect from his peers but also with fans, personally I would have loved to see Hendo drop that H-Bomb on his face.
Firstly I really believe Lyoto has a better chance of beating Bones than Chael does but I gotta give Sonnen a high five for
stepping up for his teammate Dan Henderson. This guy was ready to jump on a plane to Vegas and fight the same night on 8 days
notice.Sonnen offered his entire purse to Jones just to save the event if anything he has gained more of a following from this
and the exact opposite for Jones, but it’s fine he has a fat Nike contract so he won’t be losing any sleep. But Jones declined
the offer to fight Chael with the advice from the great Greg Jackson but instead took the fight on Sept 22nd with Lyoto Machida.
I don’t blame Machida for declining to fight Jones he just fought less than three weeks ago and probably had a grueling training
camp prior to the Bader fight.


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